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How can events be made more sustainable and inclusive?

Innovate UK funded a three-month project asking a simple question. Here in this report, we share the results and recommendations for running more inclusive, sustainable and actively participated events and workshops in any organisation and setting.

“After 20 years of working in a loud, creative industry, where most of my bosses are talkative men, my confidence is at rock bottom. I don’t even attend brainstorms anymore, because it’s just embarrassing. I won’t be listened to anyway. I much prefer email.”

Sound familiar and ready to change the dynamic for everyone in the room?

You'll learn all about...

  • The challenge
  • The value of voices
  • Facing the fear
  • The gender listening gap
  • Neurodivergent solutions
  • Key recommendations and solutions

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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