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Tom O'Brien, Founder and CEO at Sprintmodo


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Sprintmodo is an agile management company that helps teams deliver and track tangible business outcomes.


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The very first contact you make with a client should be the start of a continual process:

Proving your value, showing your expertise, and demonstrating your impact. To ensure a good experience for them, you want to use tools that provide structure and save time.

Tom O'Brien adds value to his clients' businesses as Founder of Sprintmodo, an agile management consultancy that helps its clients transform what they deliver by driving momentum on work challenges with tangible actions.

Sprintmodo's workshops and 20-day managed agile process have been used by companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, as well as smaller companies, to address work challenges in their teams.

Sprintmodo helps teams deliver tangible business outcomes with the following steps:

  1. Break down the challenge
  2. Prioritise by value
  3. Take action

And according to Tom: “We are always looking for ways to do this faster and better.” Axis helps Sprintmodo to impress clients with a simple and user-friendly workshop facilitation tool.

Making life easier for clients

Axis gives you the ability to create an intuitive workshop without any special training on the tool. This is a non-negotiable for value-driven companies like Sprintmodo.

“We only use technology that adds value for the team and doesn’t frustrate them,” He says. “Our clients have been impressed, and sometimes surprised, with seeing how their teams prioritise ideas or actions to take.”

Axis helped Sprintmodo's clients better manage challenges that would normally require several meetings and collaborative efforts. “It really helped with alignment,” He adds. Sprintmodo's newly designed workshops helped clients see real-time ROI within minutes.

Experiencing engaged results in action

For Sprintmodo's efforts to be meaningful, clients needed to see the results of the work. The workshops created with Axis generated tangible and measurable results. “Participants can use their tablets, laptops, or smartphones and immediately begin inputting, easily voting on, and prioritising ideas,” Tom mentions.

Axis provides structure during your workshop so you never lose sight of your objectives or participants. “[It] can be used as part of the workshop, which adds a novelty factor, but it does not distract from the topic of the workshop,” He says.

“As a facilitator, it’s also really easy to bring the participants with you. You know exactly what they are working on at any time.”

Unlike typical presentation decks and long discussions, Axis offers structure, helps you provide continued value to your clients, and improves everyone's productivity. Try Axis for free to position yourself as a capable consultant when innovative outcomes matter greatly.

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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