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Paul Harvey, Editor at M&iT

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M&IT – Meetings & Incentive Travel – is the event industry’s leading corporate event brand; publishing an industry-focused digital magazine each quarter and running a host of popular networking events throughout the year.


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As a department head, meetings are always your responsibility.

You're responsible for creating and sharing actionable outcomes, keeping your participants productive, and driving team engagement.

A department head at MI&T (or Meetings & Incentive Travel), Paul Harvey, understands this cycle well. During meetings, he strives to “[bring] together associations from across the industry to brainstorm sustainability solutions.”

Between a magazine sent to nearly 20,000 event industry professionals each quarter and dozens of annual networking events, MI&T’s leading corporate event brand presence keeps him quite busy.

Leading ideation sessions gives him the opportunity to consider many perspectives, but he finds that he spends more time in unstructured meetings that aren't as efficient. With the meeting productivity tool offered by Axis, Paul's team can collaborate more easily, resulting in better ideas.

Productive meeting structure = higher ROI

As online meeting spaces become increasingly popular, it becomes more difficult to track engagement, resulting in unstructured sessions that waste precious time. With Axis, you get valuable results from your team quickly.

“I was surprised at just how much we achieved in a short amount of time,” Paul says. “Axis helped us generate a huge amount of ideas, before taking those ideas and immediately assessing their value.”

That and more can be done right in your own private workshop, then the data can be exported within seconds to save the hassle of cataloging. Make meeting time as productive as possible by using Axis.

Empowering silent experts to speak up

Meeting on a virtual platform can make collaboration difficult and Axis takes that into account. It gives you and your team access to design thinking techniques working seamlessly with Zoom’s platform.

“My favourite thing about using Axis was the collaborative nature of the tool,” he says.

By giving everyone a voice, Axis supports innovation when reserved team members don't share their ideas. Paul continues, “The fact that it was anonymous meant that all ideas were of equal value and considered on their merit rather than because of the status of the person who had suggested it.”

As a result, Paul cultivates a team that knows the value each of them brings to the table.

Speeding up decision-making

Internal politics significantly slow down the daily workflow, elevated priorities, and how quickly decisions are made. Plainly said, it's often all talk and not much action.

Axis allowed Paul to gauge how much his team liked each idea during meetings. “We were even able to generate ROI values for each of the top ideas,” he says. When you can clearly see the potential of an idea, it greatly reduces the deciding time.

“The session has created a lot of buzz around our campaign,” Paul mentions. “It helped us kick on with our objectives of driving the issue of sustainability through the sector.”

Axis helps you make sound decisions, but its novelty also encourages conversation across the office and throughout the organization.

Is there a campaign you’re ready to get everyone involved in? Axis makes collaboration seamless for your team and draws out those high-level ideas so you can make better decisions that stick. Click below to sign up to try your new favourite meeting productivity tool!

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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