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Microlink is the UK's leading workplace adjustment and assistive technology partner, offering productivity tools for people with disabilities and health conditions in the work environment.


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More than ever, the terms "diversity" and "inclusivity" are making international waves in the workplace.

Business leaders need clear stances on diversity and inclusion and it’s the responsibility of their senior managers to push this message across their departments.

Microlink is the UK's leading workplace adjustment and assistive technology provider, serving more than 1.4 million employees with conditions like dyslexia, arthritis, or vision and/or hearing losses.

Microlink's Anna Moody is one of the company's department heads responsible for sharing the message of redefined productivity through marketing channels. She needed the entire leadership team to participate in a collaborative meeting to develop Microlink's marketing plan for 2021. Except, Anna isn't the only senior director with a hectic schedule, so meetings must count.

“We are a busy team and time is precious,” she says. Luckily, Axis helped Anna run an inclusive meeting to achieve clear objectives in a short period of time. “[Axis] gave us what we needed as a team to progress with pace and confidence after the session.”

Giving everyone their own voice

During the meeting, Anna posed the question: “How can we engage with our target audiences through our 2021 marketing plan?” She wanted to allow each department head to share their 2021 objectives, then develop marketing plans tailored to achieve those objectives.

Traditional virtual and face-to-face meeting structures don't always give everyone an opportunity to share their point of view. Microlink's team, especially, could lose the advantages that having a varied team brings them.

“We have a really diverse team who bring different perspectives and we wanted to benefit from this diversity. It’s critical that everyone can share their insights and ideas,” Anna continues. “[Axis] enabled this. Everyone could share their ideas and decisions were supported by collective prioritisation.”

Using Axis, Anna gave the senior leaders a voice which resulted in more collective decisions and results.

Simple collaboration for faster decision-making

Before Axis, collaboration was never this easy. “[We used] whiteboards, sticky notes, pens, and possibly a series of meetings to get where we needed to be.” Microlink's leadership team now reaches decisions in record time, free of note-taking supplies strewn about their workspace.

Axis eliminates the constant drain of wasteful meetings. More structure and increased productivity result in a greater return on investment for the entire team. “The progress we made and the content we captured was really impressive,” Anna observes. “It felt super-productive and gave everyone a real sense of achievement and impact.”

Driving innovation with an aligned team

Axis' platform reduces distractions for your team by keeping the whole meeting on one step-by-step platform that keeps everyone aligned. “Everything [in the tool] is simple and clear, allowing you to focus on coming up with great ideas and making great decisions.”

Anna wanted to stimulate innovative ideation, create a comfortable and safe environment for shared discussions, and ensure those attending made informed decisions. Axis helped their team achieve these goals and gave them an actionable plan to move forward with.

“When you get a leadership team together, you want a high degree of alignment over priorities and decisions, the opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard, and specific and detailed content that you can take forward into execution,” Anna explains. “We got all of this, with a clear ranking of specific marketing ideas that targeted our core organisational objectives for the year.”

Whether or not you work at a senior level, you probably need fewer unproductive meetings in your life. Maximize your team’s potential and make real decisions that stick with Axis. Try it for yourself today, 100% free.

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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