How a top consultancy firm cut their workshop design time in half

Alison Ngo, Consultant

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A consultant's life isn’t easy.

Balancing clients, strategies, workshops, and teams every day gets tough, but Alison Ngo knows the impact she has on the businesses she works with.

In her role at a top consultancy firm, she helps companies connect with their customers, improve their market position, and grow sustainably—a tall order, but not any different to most consultants.

Between her daily tasks, she designs and facilitates live workshops for anywhere from 5 to 20 people. And, thanks to Axis, Alison can breathe easier while she plans her next meeting.

Time saved = time gained

With Axis you can plan workshops in minutes, instead of designing an event from scratch.

Alison's schedule has opened up all kinds of ways. She no longer spends hours of her week outlining, planning, and building workshops.

“Using Axis for our workshops decreased our design and development time by 50%,” she says. “It’s very intuitive to set up.”

Alison also never has to worry about finding a host software for her workshops again. She plans her events, runs intuitive workshops, and exports valuable data right within Axis’s platform. There's no need to translate and write out workshop results anymore - it's all done with one click of a button.

Liven up your workshop

Compared to other collaborative whiteboard tools, Alison found Axis had a higher rate of participants expressing themselves. No matter what the topic was, people were engaged in every workshop - a stark difference to previous, self-led sessions.

Because Axis is anonymous, you can give everyone a say. Consultants can now uncover typically unheard ideas since all attendees have a private, open space to share their thoughts.

“It’s very easy for participants to use,” Alison explains. Time to move on from putting out fires for your attendees during the live workshop.

When you're trying to save more time, how much do you waste bouncing between tools? Check out an easy-to-use software that saves consultants, project managers, and department heads alike a ton of time. You can start using Axis today for free!

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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