What’s new on Axis so far in 2021

What’s new on Axis so far in 2021

We have a spring in our step at Axis as we head into March, and we need it!

The new year has been marked by starting a new phase for the Axis platform. We are underway with a major design overhaul, as well as developing some exciting new features which you can read all about here.

The highlights:

  • Campaign Development Template
  • Diversity and Inclusion templates
  • Improvements to exporting
  • Plan on a Page
  • Keep me logged in
  • Free registration for the NHS
  • Facilitator sharing - for our enterprise customers
  • Kickstart to the redesign

Campaign Development Template

This template will help you build campaigns for the right audience. Get your team together and brainstorm ideas for a particular audience and their preferred channel.

The Creative Matrix is the star of the show. You will be able to visually plot a list of ideas against the audience to target and the channel to best target them.

Campaign Development Template

Diversity and Inclusion templates

At Axis we have been working hard to ensure you and your business can bring diversity and inclusion to the forefront. That is why we have been partnering with

Axis has teamed up with Unida, a leading diversity consultancy, to create a workshop template specifically designed to drive inclusive, effective and engaging collaboration around gender parity.

A dedicated guide, informed by trial workshops run with female leaders from several leading consultancies is available here to help you shape an amazing session.

If you have a diversity and inclusion topic that you would like to partner with us to create a free to use workshop template on, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.

Visual exports

A really important feature to you has been spicing up our exports with more visuals!

The wait is over and our first visual export is available to all beta users who use the Territory Mapping template. Simply start the template, agree on the territories of your project which make up your themes, then ideate against these. At the end, hit complete and export a PDF.

Visual exports

Plan on a page

This is available for our beta users only. If you would like to join our beta program, contact us.

We know that actioning what comes out of a workshop can be difficult. All your great ideas are spread across hundreds of sticky notes and it is down to you to ensure these get actioned. Well, stress no more. We have the perfect method that ensures collective planning at the end of the workshop, so everyone can start work on your project immediately.

Configuring the method

Available to all beta users, head over to the Action phase and add the workshop.

Step 1: Set the time horizon

What time horizon do you wish to plan in? Is it a short project, where you can plan in months, or are we setting out a 2 year project? Whatever it is, Plan on a Page is ready to help.

Step 2: Select the start month

When will this project be kicking off?

Step 3: Add the start and end year

Set out the expected time frame for delivery of this project.

During a live workshop

For each idea you can collaboratively assign work streams, set start dates and estimate the length of time for tasks. Axis accumulates an average plotting the collective view of all participants. To top it off, you can simply export all the work so everyone is on the same page🥁

During a live workshop

If you would like to find out more about this method, click here.

Keep me logged in

When you are running a workshop, we know a smooth participant experience is really important. To support the participant experience we have added the ‘keep me logged in’ feature.

As participants are joining your workshop, be sure they tick this box on the joining screen. It will keep them logged into the workshop at all times and they will not need to rejoin if they lose connection with the workshop

Keep me logged in

Exporting from workshops whilst still in progress

You can now export your workshop data at any point after starting your workshop. Simply navigate out of the live workshop and on your homepage you will see the option to export.

The export will of course only include data up to the point you reached in your workshop.

Exporting from workshops

Axis is free for NHS organisations

At Axis we have always been enormously grateful for all the work the NHS do. So, as a continued thank you, we are keeping Axis free to use for all NHS organisations.

All you need to do is register with an "nhs.net" email and your free access will be activated immediately. You then have full access to the platform with the ability to build and host workshops with an unlimited number of participants.

We hope this can support your collaboration and drive more amazing innovations within the NHS. As we continue to grow we have ambitious plans and we cannot wait to find more ways to support the NHS on our journey.


Coming soon

Facilitator Collaboration on Axis

We are expanding our enterprise offering to help you collaborate better with Axis. If you are interested in our enterprise offering, get in touch.

This feature will allow you to share workshops with your colleagues inside your company. Those you share your workshop with will be able to copy, start and export your workshop.

Our plans don't stop there though for this feature. You can expect full collaborative editing to come in the future as well as multi-facilitator workshops to help you manage large workshops.

Facilitator collaboration

The redesign is underway!

Firstly all of us at Axis would like to thank all our users for their ongoing support throughout this exciting period and we cannot wait to hear your feedback once the new look is live.

We have tested, iterated and now we are building. We are extremely excited to update the look of Axis and pave the way for all the exciting features requested by you.

The first change will be improving the homepage, where you manage your workshops. Then we will introduce the new workshop setup before then turning our attention to the live workshop.

If you are interested in seeing the full design and providing you feedback, book a call with the team here.

Redesign 1
Redesign 2

Stay in touch

We hope you are excited for what's to come on Axis! We will be sure to keep you updated on all the latest. In the meantime, if you have any questions or requests for features then please get in touch through any of the channels below.

Help us shape Axis!

Get involved! Join our Beta group to get early access and help us with testing sessions. Simply click here and send!

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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