What's new on Axis - Aug 2020

What's new on Axis - Aug 2020

As we all continue to adjust to this new, commute-less norm, we want to ensure we can continue to help you run creative sessions efficiently and inclusively! If you need any help, or simply want to find out more about Axis you can get in touch through any of these channels:

What is new since we last updated you?

We know it has taken us a couple of months to update you, but we have been busy - several record breaking sprintsbusy!

So what is new?

The Big Updates:

Templates galore

We have significantly increased the number of pre-configured workshops we offer. These have been carefully created with help from our CEO who has over 15 years management consultancy experience. The most popular ones are listed below, and all of these can be found on the Axis template library.

  • Simple retrospective: a lighter, more repeatable retrospective template designed for sprint reviews or other examples of frequent, repeat sessions.
  • Technology strategy: a template for discussing your high-level technology strategy
  • Customer strategy: a template for discussing your high-level customer strategy
  • Lightning decision jam: a popular technique for breaking down a problem and coming up with possible solutions
  • Strategy assessment: a structure to discuss your existing strategy and understand alignment or misalignment on it

It's even easier for your participants to join

We have 2 new ways in which participants can join:

1) Share the QR code from the first screen of a live workshop

Share the QR code

2) Copy and share the dedicated URL just before you start the workshop

Copy and share the dedicated URL

Custom Dimension in Frame and Create

There are 2 versions of this brand new method which aim to bring you more and more flexibility in the create phase.

  1. Custom creator, which enables you to re-label "ideas" to what you're working with (risks, issues, concepts, apples, oranges, whatever you want!)
  2. Custom - multiple dimensions, this gives you the ability to create ideas around up to 5 key topics.

To get started with it, select the method and enter a singular and plural word. For example, you could enter Opportunity (singular) and Opportunities (plural). This creates a sentence (shown below) and ensures your users understand what they need to do.

Participants can pick multiple dimensions to create ideas against
Participants can pick multiple dimensions to create ideas against

Dot voting ideas by theme

A really exciting method that begins to change the way you can evaluate ideas and themes!

In the evaluate phase, you can dot vote ideas theme by theme, with the dots resetting for each theme so you can have a more focused discussion and refinement stage, and a fairer way to spread the votes.

Dot voting theme by theme
Dot voting theme by theme

Choose your frame evaluation method

Even more flexibility at your fingertips! Frequently, we are asked if you can select which type of evaluation method to use to prioritise idea for themes. Now, during the Frame phase you now have the power to choose how you want to evaluate your ideas, or indeed not evaluate them at all.

We are now in the early stages of developing a more sophisticated affinity mapping option to add to this setup - look out for this towards the end of 2020/start of 2021.

Click configure on any Frame method and chose how to evaluate the ideas!
Click configure on any Frame method and chose how to evaluate the ideas!

Loads of smaller improvements

  • Copy workshop just got better yet again - copy has had another upgrade. You can now copy workshops with your pre-populated data, so no need to re-enter it all in if you were just running a test workshop. Soon you will be able to copy completed workshops with all the data that participants enter during the live workshop.
  • Finish the sentence, several times - your participants are now not limited to how many times they can finish the sentence.
  • Risk Matrix - your participants firstly identify risks and then score them on an impact and likelihood matrix.
  • Value/Effort Matrix - Get your participants to score ideas against the Value and Effort dimensions and view them on a 2D matrix
  • Complete the statement for create - create a statement which can be used to focus idea creation

Whats next?

A highlight of what's next to come for Axis!

We have been busy building out our template library with a particularly special template coming soon, as well as that we are bringing more and more interactive methods!

  • Diversity and Inclusion Templates: We are collaborating with some important and market leading experts to create workshop templates that can help teams and organisations navigate difficult topics such as diversity, equality and accessibility - and moreover they will always be free to use with unlimited participants.
  • Territory Mapping: Territory Mapping is on the horizon, and coming with it will be our first visual export, which is one of our most-often requested features.
  • Plan on a page: A brand new method with an innovative and collaborative approach to getting a first cut of your plan of action. Plan on a page will allow you to, quite literally, make a plan on the page, but allow a whole team's inputs to be heard.

Our platform redesign 🎨

For a while we have been working through feedback and the time is arriving where we are going to start to deliver a whole new look and feel for Axis, and enable some really amazing new features and experiences in the process. The whole platform will be getting a facelift with the aim to improve your experience and make the platform as flexible as ever!

Fancy a sneak peek of our designs?

Get in contact with us over email or intercom and we will get you on a list of early access users who will be the first to see and provide feedback on the new designs!

See into the future!

All the above is just a snippet of what is yet to come, you can find everything we have planned on our public roadmap, and best of all, you can have your own say too!

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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