What's new on Axis - April 2020

What's new on Axis - April 2020

We've got loads of new features available this month

Following our update last month, we've been working hard to get as many of the great ideas we've received live and ready. There's more on this below, but please don't forget we're here to help your work continue during this complex time. If you've got a thought, an issue, a question or you just would like a chat we're available;

We'd be delighted to hear from you.


One of the key themes we've seen in our feedback is about how facilitators want to use workshops before and after the workshop - so being able to preview the session without running it (coming soon) or being able to review the session after it's completed (also coming soon). We've started work in this area with our most requested feature: copying a workshop.

The implementation is pretty simple; in the table of workshops in your home page, there is now an option to 'Copy' which is available for all ready, in progress or completed workshops:

The copy option available to select
The copy option available to select

When you select copy, you are asked to confirm the action, and then it's done! The workshop will copy, with all of the configuration as it was originally set up.

More templates, better template functionality

One area where we've needed to expand the functionality is templates. Templates are pre-configured workshops where you can either get going in a few clicks, or serve as a baseline for setting up a workshop.

The new templates which are already available:

  • Detailed retrospective: for wider retrospectives where you want to investigate over-arching themes and then translate them into idea within these themes, prioritise these ideas and then set actions for them. This would be a good one for the end of a project or a deeper-dive review
  • Goal-based account planning and Value-based account planning: these are for account teams to plan how they want to approach their key accounts, and there are two templates for this; goal-based planning is designed to look at key goals of your account and understand how you can support these, whilst value-based planning is oriented around how to deliver more value to your customer.

The new templates which will be available in the next few days are:

  • Simple retrospective: a lighter, more repeatable retrospective template designed for sprint reviews or other examples of frequent, repeat sessions.
  • Technology strategy: a template for discussing your high-level technology strategy
  • Customer strategy: a template for discussing your high-level customer strategy
  • Lightning decision jam: a popular technique for breaking down a problem and coming up with possible solutions
  • Strategy assessment: a structure to discuss your existing strategy and understand alignment or misalignment on it

Following this, we are also working on these over the next few weeks and currently aim to deliver by or during June:

  • Territory mapping: a pre-engagement or pre-project template to help teams develop a common view of what and who is important
  • Project review: a counterpart to territory mapping for after a project.
  • Customer journey mapping: a digital version of a prominent real-world method which looks at identifying strengths and weaknesses in how a customer interacts with you.

Please note; we are always open to suggestions - if you have something that would really help you please don't hesitate to contact us!

On top of these new templates we have also made it easier to see how to change the configuration of a template by opening the template on the name, objective and key question page, and opened up every part of the configuration we possible can, including changing the method used if you so desire.

More methods, more configurability in methods

As ever, we have more methods available or about to become available:

  • Creative matrix is now generally available. This has been a really fun method to work on and we heartily thank everyone who fed back on it in the beta phase.
  • Rose, thorn, bud in the create phase is also now generally available, and SWOT, Orthodoxies and the Custom methods will be available in the next week or two
  • Orthodoxies is now available in the share phase. This allows a popular combination, orthodoxies followed by 'How might we...'
  • Complete the statement is available in the create phase in beta

We have now also released an update to Orthodoxies in the frame phase which allows you to choose which evaluate method you want to use to prioritise. We'd love to hear your feedback on this as we're intending to roll it out to most other frame methods soon.

So much more coming soon!

We're at varying stage of development on even more features. These include:

  • Shortened links and QR codes for participant access is on course to go live in early May
  • As mentioned above, we're working on getting copy with all data and workshop preview progressed into development
  • We have a few more complex methods on their way, including an analytics-driven affinity clustering method to group ideas together, and the means to run phases based on groups when it makes sense to work through ideas thematically.

And, as ever - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requirements you think we should be looking at alongside these.

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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