Time your workshop to perfection

Time your workshop to perfection

Good timing is key!

We know all to well that running workshops can be a time consuming task and more often than not time is in limited supply! Key action steps are lost as time runs out or participants focus on timings rather than creating ideas! Axis wants to change this.

As the facilitator, it is crucial you can successfully plan the workshop journey within the available time and manage against this throughout the workshop. So we have some top tips:

🏃 Axis allows you to move faster:

The step-by-step process, simplicity of the user interface and voting and scoring reduce the time required to get to the target outcome vs. a traditional face-to-face session by 15-20%

The Axis 5 step process
The Axis 5 step process

⏰ Try our timer!

This is a really helpful Axis tool. Switch it on at any point during the workshop journey and select the number of minutes to time box certain steps. This is extremely effective if:

  • You want to run a speedy ideation stage, encourage a rapid brainstorm.
  • You want to allocate the same amount of time across each phase
  • Or you just want to ensure the workshop doesn't overrun

Try our timer

⏳ The two hour rule!

Try and keep virtual sessions below two hours, beyond this people lose focus. Or if it is a longer session that is needed be sure to have plenty of breaks, you can leave your Axis workshop open and running so you don't need to worry about losing any work!

💎 Drive quality not quantity!

Cliche we know, but it is hugely important.

Often a lot of time in workshops is spent understanding and refining one another's ideas mainly due to the sheer volume of ideas. A great trick we use is ask participants to think of three ideasbut only put down one idea. This way participants put a lot of thought into their ideas and you get a refined list of the best ideas.


If the timings of your workshop are not considered you can often find yourself not finishing a workshop or missing key discussion points. Hopefully our structure, along with some of these tips, can help you manage the time of your workshops! If you need any support, get in touch below:

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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