The Axis Template Library

What are Axis templates?

One of the great things about Axis is we have done a lot of the hard work for you!

Our templates are carefully created alongside our CEO and our customers and they cover key business challenges that you may face. This is an extremely useful resource as you get to tap into the knowledge of our CEO who has more than 15 years consultancy experience!

How to setup a template

After clicking to create a new workshop on the facilitator homepage, you can select to create from the template library and select a template.

Once you've selected a template you can edit the name, objective and key question for the workshop or - if you wish - just dive straight in and click the 'start workshop' button.

These are great for those situations where you just want to quickly fire up something familiar!

Our top template picks?

Tailor-made templates

We also provide a service for people who want their own templates - if you're interested either send us an email on or click on the chat widget on the bottom right corner of this screen.

Be sure to check out templates!

Hopefully this blog has helped explained some of the basics about our templates and why they are a great tool to take advantage of! When you are next on Axis, be sure to rake a look at them!

Get in touch!

If you are new to Axis, or want to learn more, you can contact by any means below:

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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