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Team building during a pandemic

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Name: Giulia Mandelli (they/them)

Department: Product

Location: London

Driving innovation & making an impact.

Giulia Mandelli didn't expect their career to be so centered around product management when they chose a business school in their early years. Throughout their schooling, Giulia focused on innovation and entrepreneurship with one long-term goal in mind: to start their own business.

“I tried my own startup idea, but realized I lacked the skills, network, and money to make it,” they confess. After realizing that, Giulia moved to London, accepted a consultancy role, and pivoted to product management. “I wanted to develop a product instead of client engagement.”

As Senior Product Manager for Axis, Giulia found the perfect environment to flex their research, strategy, and problem-solving skills. Many aspects of Axis appealed to them, but they’re clear about one in particular— “The prospect of a small, but committed team solving a challenging problem.”

New career, new…everything.

Thankful for their team, Giulia admits they haven't had a regular working experience in London. Giulia's onboarding and first few weeks at work were nothing like they expected or experienced.

“My first day at Axis coincided with the very first day of national lockdown,” they explain. After enduring several new challenges and changes, a global pandemic struck their home country, Italy.

“I also just moved into a new flat. I ended up navigating a new job, a new way of working, a new flat, and a new neighbourhood,” Giulia says. Finding ways to clear their mind and de-stress wasn’t always easy. For the first two weeks, they ended each workday with a quick bike ride around the city.

Building a work-from-home dream team.

Although working from home became the new normal, Giulia didn’t have to overcome those obstacles alone. They relied on something essential from their team. “Communication, collaboration, and transparency,” Giulia says, adding that sticking to these tenets helped solve problems faster.

Giulia finds that working from home offers some benefits these days. Many of their loved ones now live out of London and nearby cities. “Remote working gave me the opportunity to spend more quality time with them more often,” Giulia shares.

Despite the advantages of working from home, they admit that working at Axis, wherever you are, has one very big advantage-“the team.”

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