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Facilitating stronger meetings with Axis

How many tools & technologies do you keep in your personal tech stack? Between online whiteboards, virtual meeting hosts, and uninspiring Zoom polls, you may wonder, "How will another tool help me facilitate better team meetings?"

Axis isn’t just another program to bog down your tech stack. In fact, you’ll find a productivity booster, meeting facilitation solution, and event engagement technology that anyone can master in one go.

Still not convinced? Here's why Axis-built meetings are better than in-person sessions with physical whiteboards:

  1. Axis is your all-in-one meeting facilitation tool. No outside downloads needed.
  2. Use a clearly defined process to solve complex problems with your team.
  3. Engage your participants, no matter where they are.
  4. Simplify your meeting preparation & post-meeting action planning.
  5. Create outcome-driven workshops for smaller teams—entirely free.

Read on to learn 5 reasons why choosing Axis can make you a better meeting facilitator.

Screenshot of a meeting run on Zoom
A typical team meeting in 2021

1. Keep the team on the same page with an all-in-one meeting facilitation tool.

No more shuffling your team between different platforms with absolutely no pay-off in engagement. When you add new software to your tech stack, you’re looking for more convenience. Use Axis to build structured meetings & workshops and that becomes a reality.

Log into your interactive portal and start building strategic collaborative sessions at any time. You don’t need to download anything new either. Axis helps you set up your attendees with everything necessary to access your workshop via mobile device.

Save yourself more design, development, and implementation time with your new all-in-one meeting facilitation tool.

2. Everyone becomes a design thinking expert.

Design thinking techniques provide consistent ways to break down and resolve big problems as a team. With design thinking being so useful across many industries, we’ve structured those concepts into any workshop you build within Axis.

When you create a new workshop, you'll configure specific problem-solving exercises and templates for each of the five steps. You'll find an extensive template library with customization options for more control over your design.

Each workshop phase has a clear goal. As the meeting facilitator, you're on top of these goals and know what needs to happen to keep your team on track. Leave team meetings with meaningful decisions that everyone can be proud of.

3. Better engagement, no matter the location.

Ever drifted off during a collaborative session only to look up at the whiteboard and realize how behind you are? Whether you’re based in-person, virtually, or both, engaging people in meetings can be tough.

When simple polling and whiteboards don't do much to get people involved, it's hard to keep everyone focused & motivated.

In Axis, you’ll find these instant engagement boosters:

  • Ideas are judged on merit, not on who submitted them.
  • Everyone can share their thoughts without feeling unheard.
  • You’ll always choose activities that prioritize team-building & connection.

Say goodbye to dull meetings that drone on forever without an action plan in sight. Everyone gets a say now and that’s impactful.

4. No more lengthy meeting preparation & action plans.

Export your Axis workshop data & outcomes at any time. Revisit repeatable structures that’ll always deliver value and results, no matter the meeting goals. Simply log in, build and review your workshop, then send your attendees a Zoom meeting invitation to get started.

In the final session phase, “Action,” you’ll create an action plan and assign accountability to each team member. You no longer have to wonder who’s responsible for which action item.

5. Plan outcome-driven workshops for small teams - free!

Start with an unlimited free trial of Axis to make decisions that stick without obligation. Up to 3 people can participate at a time in our trial plans, so they’re perfect for small, high-level client workshops.

Show your team the value of collaborative sessions without confusing the direction & goals of the meeting. Getting started with Axis is quick, easy and free. Plus, you can upgrade to allow unlimited participants at any time.

Sign up today and see how Axis can improve your team meetings and workshops >>

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