Exploring the left hand bar

Exploring the left hand bar

A hidden gem within Axis ⭐️

We love the left hand navigator. It is well worth an explore as there are loads of cool things you can do with it. Just click on the tabs and…

See if your participants are ready

At the start of the workshop you will see the list of participants that have joined.

During the workshop you will know when the participants have completed the current step by seeing the tick.

  • A little tip... You do not have to wait for all participants to have a tick to move on, so if you need to keep the flow, just move on ahead.
Left hand bar

Structure your ideas

You can create groups and add ideas to one or more groups. In the left hand nav you can manage those groups giving them a precise name and a description so that it is crystal clear what each group is about!

We love grouping because it enables you to inter-link ideas and understand how they may cross over. Not only does this fuel a good discussion, but it allows you to refine and focus ideas around key areas.

Key areas

Filter by themes and groups

Simple but effective, this is super-powerful for discussion and refinement. It helps you more clearly see the ideas for a certain theme and allows you to evaluate with a more focused view:

  • Review one theme after another and then in the Evaluate phase see the output of dot voting by theme.

Filter by themes


There is a lot you can do with the left hand navigator so be sure to give it some time. It can be really effective to focus discussions, especially if you are running a workshop which has a lot of ideas. Login and explore!

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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