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Power, Privilege and Racism in the Workplace

We are pleased to announce that we are working with Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity to develop and launch the Racial Equity workshop with the topic “Power, Privilege and Racism in the Workplace”.

What is Racial Equity?
We all hold different privileges within the society that cause us to see things differently. With privilege, power comes along with it - to some extent - and affects the way people interact in social institutions such as the workplace. For some, race may be an invisible dimension of their identities that impacts interactions with others, nonetheless. The question is, do we want to continue replicating systems that create barriers to racialised minorities in the workplace?

This workshop aims at raising awareness on the multidimensionality of racial inequalities in the workplace by shifting the conversation to the individual dynamics of power and privilege that further add on structural and institutional racism. The session focuses on acknowledging power and privilege on an individual level and to begin work on preventing structures of oppression that are being recreated in the working environments, committing to being an anti-racist ally. The goal is to deepen the understanding of the subject and identify actions to foster equality in the workplace.

Why Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity?
Generation 2.0 RED
is an initiative launched by a group of young people with migrant origins. Operating as an informal group as far back as 2006, referred to as “Second Generation”, their mission focused on securing the right to citizenship for the otherwise invisible generation of children, born and/or raised in Greece from migrant backgrounds. In December 2013, the group officially merged with i-RED, creating one organisation, Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity, based in Athens.

Today, Generation 2.0 RED is a nonprofit organisation and consists of an interdisciplinary team, representing a mix of ethnicities and social backgrounds, sharing the common vision that all of us have, namely, the right to equal and active citizenry at an individual and communal level. Generation 2.0 RED’s mission focuses on individual and community empowerment, equal participation in a diverse society, following a holistic approach with action and research, aiming to promote human rights, equality and diversity and fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Its core actions and services are Advocacy, Legal Counselling, Employability, the Diversity in the Workplace Network and Non-Formal Education. The organisation participates and cooperates with the largest human rights networks in Greece and Europe, claiming the rights of migrant populations.

The organisation has developed a variety of initiatives throughout its operation. An important pillar of G2RED’s Employability department, developing know-how on the labour market’s needs on diversity and inclusion management, is the initiative called Diversity in the Workplace Network that was launched in 2017 and aims to support private-sector actors in their effort to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. Diversity in the Workplace has developed modern actions, in collaboration with stakeholders from the Greek labour market, that aim at a holistic support of the private sector in Greece, while focusing on business sustainability and as well on equitable access to work, following European standards. More than 90 companies and organisations tangibly support the initiative.

Who should use it?
We recommend a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants per session and is suitable for everyone. However, Generation 2.0 RED recommends involving:

  • Participants coming from different departments and hierarchies, as homogenous groups tend to have similar views
  • Participants coming from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • To prioritise key stakeholders such as: HR employees and employees in decision making and leadership positions.

Select the 'Racial Equity' workshop template from our Template Library and get going in minutes. Read our best practise guide for getting the most from this workshop.

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