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The 'P' in PM is as much about people as it is about projects

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Name: Adam Wright

Department: Product

Location: London

Product managing the design thinking problem.

In a placement year at Aston University, Adam Wright didn't realize how a few classes would shape his entire career path. The world of product management caught his eye as he spent long train commutes flipping through related books and startup stories.

A favourite of his? The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, a startup employee, advisor, and founder’s in-depth profile on lean startup business strategies. “As I read more and more product books on my commute, I knew I had to make the move,” Adam says. “That led me into my first role here at Axis.”

As a Junior Product Manager, Adam drives Axis’s mission: creating more meaningful content and connections through a revamped digital tool. “I love the problem. Something that is very important to any product role,” he explains. With his team's help, Adam develops product-based solutions to the design thinking and collaboration problems many businesses face before using Axis's software.

Challenging the software space.

In a tech industry that’s often mired with practicalities and red tape, he’s found a rarity. “During my interviewing, I got to meet the wider team and instantly knew this was the company I wanted to work for,” says Adam. “We have a culture of being human and trusting. It is rooted in every single person here at Axis.”

He has nothing but good things to say about his colleagues and peers since taking on the role. When asked, he notes, “It’s been a phenomenal learning experience, thanks to the trust and responsibility from the entire Axis team.”

Working through virtual barriers.

When the world moved to a "work from home" model, Adam's positive attitude about his team and work carried through. This is thanks to the benefits of remote working.

“What I love most about remote working is that I have no commute. Yes, I now hate trains!” Adam jokes. He used to make 2-hour round trips for work. Without them, he has more time to focus on his hobbies and interests. It’s made his work-life balance much better.

One of Adam's biggest highlights is how remote work continually brings more varied perspectives to the company. “We have such a diverse team” Adam adds, partly because Axis can hire people wherever they are located. “I have met such amazing people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know if we were all working in London.”

Adam still feels like Axis's culture holds true despite the distance remote work can sometimes create. “You are trusted to do your role, people are human when you need support, and you are encouraged to be curious,” he explains. In this vein, Adam and his teammates have a Slack channel, “#nostupidideas.” True to Axis form, there are none.

Welcome no-pressure collaboration to your team.

Putting a "no stupid ideas" rule in place is easy.

Collaborate with your colleagues, collect anonymous ideas, and share feedback without fear.

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