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Ice breakers: the secret weapon for decision-making

You hear a lot about how to run a meeting well. When you're running it, engagement is all your responsibility. Whether you're keeping the conversation moving or just providing a comfortable place to share ideas, you need to steer the discussion ahead and avoid awkwardness.

No matter how corny they may seem in the action, ice breakers help everyone loosen up and avoid feeling left out or inferior. In an ice breaker game, participants share ideas, from details in their personal life to creative ideas to suit the topic at hand.

Ice breakers can go wrong if you overthink them. Set a clear goal, stay simple, and consider putting them at the beginning of the conversation. If you’re looking for a new ice breaker game to add to your next virtual chat, try our favourite types of icebreaker games for meetings.

Ice breakers: the secret weapon for decision-making

Ice breakers aren't just for getting to know teammates, but they also help build stronger relationships. Community, interaction, and empathy are the keys to icebreaker games.

Building community

Shared ideals, demographics, and goals form communities. When you feel more connected to your coworkers (as part of a work family), it becomes easier to support their initiatives, understand how they work, and collaborate more effectively.

Fostering interaction

Communication builds real relationships. Ice breakers make it easier to open up the conversation and share ideas. Promoting this interaction brings people together, merges company cliques, and gives introverts a bigger voice.

Practising empathy

Ice breakers give teams a chance to explore all perspectives in a no-pressure environment. Together, you can use the newfound knowledge to make better decisions. Empathy means we care about each other as individuals, not just because we're doing something for the other.

How do you break the ice?

Here are the most common ice breaker games for meetings and group sessions you've likely seen in your career. Whether it was for school or work, you probably know them.

  • Interaction ice breakers: Gets team members talking so they're ready for deeper collaboration.
  • Team-building ice breakers: Lets you break into smaller groups to encourage collaboration in newer or dysfunctional groups.
  • Sharing ice breakers: Empathise with the team and learn about each of them on a deeper level by sharing details.

Axis's first phase, Share, lets you and your teammates set the environment for effective collaboration. Within seconds of creating your workshop, you'll have access to pre-designed ice breaker games for meetings and other live sessions that you can customise.

Finish the Sentence

Finish the Sentence is an informal sharing icebreaker that helps workshop attendees get to know each other better. In Axis, you’ll configure the template with an unfinished sentence.

“My favourite book is…”
“The last programme I watched was…”
“For lunch today, I had…”

In your session, participants see your preset question and can answer with as many responses as you see fit.


Both an interaction and sharing icebreaker, Orthodoxies, asks participants to challenge and rank conventional beliefs and ideas. Individually, participants submit their orthodoxies and describe their impact. The facilitator can even add their own orthodoxies in real-time.

Next, participants rank orthodoxies in order of importance. The top orthodoxies automatically become the themes for the next workshop phase, Frame.

Use an expert tool with built-in ice breakers

These days you don't have to spend hours on the web looking for the newest ice breakers. Check out Axis's pre-designed templates for collaboration, sharing, and team-building. We use existing ideas and resources to come up with better ones—that goes for ice breaker games for meetings too.

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