Combining Axis with Zoom, Slack and many more!

Combining Axis with Zoom, Slack and many more!

Here are some ideas for getting the most of conferencing tools during an Axis Workshop

Lots of our users love Axis because it makes virtual workshops and meetings effective, engaging and inclusive. The simplicity of the structure and participant interface makes virtual facilitation easy, providing confidence that every voice is being heard.

To run a virtual session on Axis, you can use it in parallel with Zoom, Slack, Teams or any other video calling technology.

They provide the voice / video, screen sharing and chat and Axis brings the structured step-by-step facilitation and participant smartphone interface!

From our experience these are some tips to make this a match made in heaven 💘

Before you start

If you can, use Axis on a larger screen. This allows you to fit more on a page improving your experience!

Axis and Zoom

Make use of chat:

In virtual meetings it is hard for people to speak-up. You can open up chat on Zoom or a group on Teams! This is a great solution to run in parallel with Axis during the discuss and refine sections of journey.

In the example below, I am sharing my screen of Axis through Zoom and I have opened the chat window to see the conversation. A neat solution to give a voice to everyone!

Make use of chat

Think about roles:

We often like to have three roles:

  1. The Axis facilitator who manages the platform and oversees the phases.
  2. A lead facilitator who is the voice of the session and guides participants through the workshop by providing context for each phase.
  3. Someone to manage the chat and video feeds to capture all the feedback and make sure there are no technical issues!

Get Polling:

  • Don’t forget that you can run polls on Zoom and Teams. Axis gives you the core process of idea creation and prioritisation, but you can further support your session with some polls and quizzes to further increase engagement.

Axis and Slack

Create a channel

Slack is another great tool to use alongside Axis because you can create chat channels specifically for your workshop! This can be used during the workshop, but also both before and after the workshop to keep all conversations about the topic in one place.

Create a channel

Chatting during a workshop

To make sure you don't miss any of the conversation, you can have slack running alongside your workshop! Easily jump in and out of the conversation whilst simultaneously running the workshop.‍

Chatting during a workshop


We hope these ideas help you when you run your next workshop with Axis! These solutions are simple but effective and many of our experienced customers take a similar approach when running their workshops.

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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