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From video games to remote-friendly software

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Name: Mali Coxon (he/him)

Department: Development

Location: Surrey

It all started with video games.

Mali Coxon spent much of his childhood happily glued to a screen, his eyes brightening with every game he played, which he believes led him to the computer world. "I stumbled across programming, built lots of tiny games, and started building for the web as well," he says.

Though video games led Mali to computer science, it's become much more for him. Today he's working in front-end development as a full-stack engineer for Axis, something he really enjoys. As he puts it, "I love building delightful experiences for the end-user."

Mali knows the value of innovation in software, a key pillar where Axis excels. Axis's software development teams work with a robust tech stack, so engineers like Mali can do more to build engaging live workshops.

"Axis uses real-time communication for the workshops, so it’s all happening live," Mali explains. "Not only does this pose interesting and unique challenges, but it’s great fun to work with. There are loads of opportunities to learn something new."

Axis’s development team works alongside secure, real-time data exchanges to build better features for Axis’s software. As part of his contribution to the team effort, Mail creates canvas elements, used to build dynamic graphic, photo, and animation experiences for users. Mali can best explain why this matters.

"There aren’t a lot of applications using canvas out there, but it opens up new doors for making fun and interesting experiences on the web."

Adjusting to remote work during a pandemic.

Like many of us, it took Mali a while to get used to the routine COVID-19 lockdowns. "I did find myself missing the tube strangely enough, but I obviously got over that very quickly," he jokes. "The biggest problem was separating work and home. It's very easy to run over by half an hour to an hour when there's no train to catch and no rush hour."

But once he settled into his new schedule, the concept of returning to the office became more of a hindrance rather than a benefit. "I'm saving so much time and money by not commuting," he says. "I'm 100% certain that this is helping my work."

Mali may live in a quiet cul-de-sac bordering Chessington World of Adventure, but he'll take the rollercoaster noises over commuting to and from work every day.

Is remote working the future?

Thanks to Axis' remote-friendly vision and accessible work-from-home culture, Mali feels a positive impact across the team, despite the weight of the pandemic. "It probably sounds a bit cheesy but it's one of the kindest and most honest teams I've ever worked in."

Mali truly loves working at Axis - he compliments he's team's leadership, fellow colleagues, and future roadmap in the company. "It genuinely feels like we're a cohesive unit. Despite. not meeting in person for a year, we're heading in the same direction."

Despite one clear caveat ("I do think there need to be opportunities for regular social visits and regular day-to-day communication"), Mali thinks remote working is the future for certain industries. It may take paid expenses and commuting reimbursements to get employees back in the office. Otherwise, it looks like remote work is here to stay.

Are you working remote or hybrid too?

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