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Our new Digital Twin workshop templates are live

New collaborative workshop tool to help organisations make a business case for a digital twin

We've been working closely with CDBB's Digital Twin team to develop the DT Toolkit Collaborative Workshop, helping DT Hub users to create a business case for digital twin.

Built using DT Toolkit Report insights, the templates allow you to bring together colleagues to co-create your business case to build or scale digital twin. These templates are free for all DT Hub users to use - with no limit on participants.

This means those interested in working towards a digital twin can bring together the right colleagues to make those important steps, and for those with a digital twin in operation, to scale the work they've already carried out.

There are three different workshop templates according to the stage you and your company may be at:

  1. Level One - this workshop helps teams think about why their organisation needs a digital twin and what it can be used for.
  2. Level Two - acknowledges that digital twins are a well understood concept across an organisation and seen as strategically important. This workshop will define the scale use cases that can deliver rapid and material impact.
  3. Level Three - for organisations where a digital twin is up and running and the use case roadmap is defined. Here, the objective is to look at progress and agree how to accelerate and scale value.

Bola Abisogun OBE, UrbanIS and a member of the DT Toolkit team said,

"We have been working to find ways that make it easier for everyone to see how digital twin technology can optimise asset performance and infrastructure operations, ultimately moving organisations to a level where they achieve sustainable outcomes. In my field, this will enable industry action on digital twins for social housing in line with incoming government legislation for building safety and retrofitting, and help us to achieve net zero by 2050.
The DT collaborative workshop is one of the most exciting developments I can think of to lead us into a new era combining the physical and digital words to make this all happen. The collaborative workshop fills a much-needed space for organisations to align the concept and their ambition for a digital twin with a wider context and strategy by getting the required cross-organisational representation and senior team on board."

To learn more, check out the DT Hub website.

If you're an existing DT Hub user, sign up to Axis now to access the free templates >>

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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