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Using Axis to jumpstart your design thinking journey

So you want to be an expert facilitator. Or, maybe you're just sick of running in inefficient, repetitive meetings.

You've probably sat in lots of meetings, workshops and sessions in your life but you'll notice they're not always remarkable or sparkling, nor do they commonly end in an all round sense of satisfaction.

They're usually missing one crucial thing - a clear structure for success that everyone can support. That structure usually comes in the form of design thinking principles, which thanks to Axis you can use without any prior knowledge!

Our meetings and workshop software adds value and saves time by structuring the design thinking process into an easy facilitation tool.

When you create a workshop with Axis, you’ll find the following steps: share, frame, create, evaluate, and action. Let’s expand on each of these below.

  1. Share: Empathize with your team and understand your differences to inspire better, more effective collaboration tools (i.e. icebreakers, games, and tools to shift your team’s mindset).
  2. Frame: Set up the big problem and establish surrounding context to narrow down the problem.
  3. Create: Create and group ideas while giving everyone a say. Access the vast template library and get detailed with SWOT, risk, and trend analyses or use a sophisticated game of round robin to refine ideas in real time.
  4. Evaluate: Evaluate and prioritise ideas based on how relevant or valuable they are to the main problem. Save some for later and move forward to further refine others. In Axis, it’s all completely anonymous and done in a few taps of your phone’s screen.
  5. Action: Now it’s time to create an action plan to put your idea in motion. During the Action step, you and your team can set goals, drive accountability, or plan first drafts you can export.

Unlike typical presentation decks and dry discussions, an engaging, online tool can build design thinking principles into your workshops and drive better outcomes for your team. Get started on Axis for free today!

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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