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Better integration for fewer bad meetings

How much time do you spend in meetings? Go on. Take a gander at your calendar.

Now that you’ve guessed, how much of that time is productive? In a recent study, MIT Sloan found that only half of all meeting time is effective, well-used and engaging. On average, an organisation spends 15% of its collective time in meetings. We think this is a big problem.

You know what good meetings look and feel like. But, replicating an outstanding meeting experience every time can feel impossible. A good meeting needs great facilitation, and that takes dedication, skill, and time.

In today’s world, remote and hybrid working makes collaboration even trickier. Meeting time skyrockets while productivity and engagement suffer. How can you get back on track and make the most of your meeting time?

Introducing: Axis for Microsoft Teams
We've launched Axis within Microsoft Teams, so running consistently great meetings is quick and simple for anyone. With Axis, everyone becomes a world-class meeting facilitator. Design your structured session in minutes, confidently run it, and trade lengthy write-ups for instant data-rich downloads. The best part? You’ll never have to leave Microsoft Teams’ interface, so meeting attendees can seamlessly join and contribute without switching between tools.

Axis in Teams revolutionises how you and your team collaborate during meetings. Organisations like yours use Axis to encourage diverse voices, triple meeting output, and cut session times by 20-30%. Your team can get four times the return on time invested in meetings.

How can you make every minute of your meeting count?
From a quick retrospective to a team strategy retreat, Axis for Teams can handle all types of discussions. In Teams, schedule and run your meeting as you normally would, then launch Axis and select the session you’d like to run.

Customise a design thinking session
Design your session with Axis’s pre-defined templates. Facilitators get to lead structured meetings using design thinking best practice and interactive activities. Invite remote attendees to any Teams meeting. Once they’ve joined, Axis will help you create, evaluate, and vote on ideas.

Easy to use, anywhere
Get everyone involved without crossing wires. In-person attendees can use Axis on their smartphones giving everyone more freedom to move around and break into groups. No matter where you are, everyone’s voice is heard.

Drive better collaboration with confidence
Follow a structured process that gets everyone engaged. Axis’ step-by-step collaboration workflow keeps everyone focused and motivated throughout any task. Built-in voting and anonymous scoring align the whole team and lead to better decisions. After the meeting, download your instant post-session report and turn your decisions into action.

Make every meeting matter and try Axis for Teams today.

Alternatively, sign up to Axis directly.

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Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

Save time and maximise impact with every meeting, workshop and event

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